Dealing With Difficult Responses Of Customers

Responses Of Customers

The task at hand of a salesman is a difficult one and requires him to deal with varying scenarios. Every situation, every client and every discussion is different from one another. Each of these different conversations that the salesman has with customers can reach a difficult point which puts all the efforts of the salesman at risk. The salesman may lose a potential customer if these difficult points are not handled with utmost care and skill. Below are some of the circumstances that a salesman may face in their daily business. Each situation follows an example solution to help you get an idea of how you can deal with such situations.

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Situation: Preferring A Document Over Conversation

The customer says: “Would you like to send me the information, please?” The customer is a little interested in the product but tries to avoid conversation or thinks that it is not important. He instead requests a document of information to be sent to him.

Solution: Try to explain the importance of conversation to the customer. The salesman can say: “Sir, the product serves various needs and its uses and their explanation is tailored to different needs of each customer. A one to one conversation is best for such situations.”

Situation: Lack Of Interest

The customer says: “I’m not interested in participating!” or shows his lack of interest in your product or in having a conversation with you.

Solution: It is important for salesmen to never argue with customers. A good salesman should always agree with customers. In this situation the salesman can say something like this: “I understand very well sir, it is difficult for you to be interested in something about which you don’t know what that is good for. That’s why I want to explain to you in person. I can give you a very short introduction of the product and its benefits, and then you can decide on your own if it’s relevant for you.”

Situation: Discussion With A Partner

The customer says: “To make a decision, I have to talk to my partner first” The customer is a little interested in the product but can’t make a purchase decision without the consent of the partner or is just seeking a second opinion.

Solution: This situation implies that the thoughts of the partner are necessary for making a purchase decision and therefore the salesman must talk to the partner as well. The salesman should say: “I fully understand sir, when can we talk to your partner?” 

Situation: Lack Of Time!

The customer greets you by saying “I don’t have time!” or “I’m not free now!” or he says these words after having some discussion with you.

Solution: The salesman can say something remarkable to attract customers’ attention. For example, “Sir, the American billionaire Rockefeller said that spending one day a month to make good calculations on money is more important than working 30 days! And we only need to spend 20 minutes!” Thereafter the salesman can ask them to set a meeting at a later time when it is more convenient to them. He can say “Sir, could you please set a date and choose a time that is convenient for you!

Situation: Not Interested In Being Sold Anything

The customer says: “Do you want to sell something?” The customer is avoiding the salesman as he may think of this as unnecessary.

Solution: The task at hand of the salesman right now is to spark up some interest in the customer about the product or simply make him understand that such conversations are important. The salesman can say: “Of course, I really want to sell something to you, but if it can bring you something that you think can improve your life, then only it can be sold to you. I can give you a very short introduction of the product and its benefits, and then you can decide on your own if it’s relevant for you.”

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Situation: Still Have Doubts

After listening to you the customer says: “I have to think about it first.” 

Solution: Then the salesman should say: “Sir, have we already discussed the relevant key points? Let me ask: What are your concerns?” Don’t pressurize him to buy, just clear all his doubts and concerns and let him take his time if he wants. You can set another meeting for this as well.

Final Words

These are some difficult situations that the salesman often faces while approaching customers or in between conversations. The solution given for each situation is one possible solution and not a hard and fast rule. Salesmen should take these solutions as guidance. Based on which they should try to understand how to deal with customers in such difficult situations. In the real world, each situation will be different and the salesman will have to be quick in improvising an appropriate way to deal with customers based on their skill and experience. This skill and experience will of course develop with time. And those who strive to learn and improve from each situation will develop them faster.

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